Tom Kreger

As the owner and founder of Kreger Law Firm, I take the work we do here seriously. I believe strongly in easy communication between attorneys and clients, high quality legal work done quickly and efficiently, and especially in successful outcomes for our clients. I truly believe that having a hard-working, experienced attorney on your side can be a great equalizer in your fight against insurance companies and large corporations…

Ben Brodish

I focus my legal practice in the areas of personal injury and civil litigation. Too often the justice system is stacked against the people who need justice the most, and I believe the law is a tool that can be used to level the playing field for ordinary people. To support those who need it the most, I chose to practice law and stand behind those who need support in our legal system.

Rachel Cane

While growing up in the small township of Redford, Michigan, I developed aspirations to become a person who helps those in need. My education and experience in social work taught me that the law is a tool that can be used to effectuate change and help those who need help the most.