Diminished Value

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Diminished Value

Diminished Value (1)

Has your vehicle recently lost value due to being involved in an automobile accident?  Is the insurance company totaling your vehicle, and paying you less than what you think your vehicle is worth?  Is the insurance company refusing to provide you with a fair amount of time in a rental vehicle? Are you getting the sense that no matter what you do that you will never get a fair settlement from the insurance company (if not, you will)?

If any of this sounds familiar, we can help you recover your loss from the insurance company.

Hiring us to handle your property damage claim does not cost you any money. We pay all costs of your case (appraisals, court costs, etc.) and we are compensated on a contingency fee basis. That means that you will never give us a penny. The amount of our contingency fee is based on the merits and value of your case, and is set on a case by case basis (ranges from 25% – 50%).

I have handled property damage claims as an insurance adjuster, and my law firm now handles diminished value claims as attorneys against insurance companies. With the benefit of my years of experience as an adjuster and attorney, I can help you navigate through the appraisals, umpires, adjusters, and court system to ensure that you get fairly compensated for your vehicle’s diminished value.

Now that you’re here looking for help (which probably means the insurance adjuster is already treating you unfairly), take a couple minutes and get some free legal advice on your case. You can email us, call us, fill out our online questionnaire, or live chat with us.

For more information, feel free to look through our North Carolina Property Damage FAQs.  Call Kreger Law Firm at (888) 820-5885 to speak with a North Carolina Property Damage Attorney today.