Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Thank you for considering hiring Kreger Law Firm LLP to represent you in your bankruptcy case. To get the process started, please fill out the information below. Once our Durham Bankruptcy Attorneys or Greensboro Bankruptcy Attorneys receive your answers, we will contact you the same day to discuss your case, and help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is your best option. If it is, we can schedule a time for a full and free consultation, and begin the bankruptcy process for you immediately.

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Our Bankruptcy Fees:

Our typical fee to represent you in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is $1,500. However, this fee is dependent on the specific circumstances of your case, and may be higher or lower depending on the complexity of your case. For example, if your case requires adversarial litigation, our fee will be higher than $1,500. On the other hand, if you have very few creditors, our fee may be lower than $1,500. During our initial consultation with you we will evaluate your case, and give you a flat fee that will not change during the course of your bankruptcy. You will know up front how much our fee is, and our fee will never change.


Please note that by filling out the above requested information, an attorney-client relationship is not created with Kreger Law Firm LLP. An attorney-client relationship with Kreger Law Firm LLP is not created until both the client and Kreger Law Firm LLP execute a Contract for Representation in a Bankruptcy case. The information that you provide above is solely used for informational purposes to prepare for an initial consultation.